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Is it bad to overdose Prime after a water change? I dont really measure my dose.
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Is it bad to overdose Prime after a water change? I dont really measure my dose.
Yes and no.. Depends on how much more you are dosing compared to the recommended dose which is 1 ml per 10 gallons of water. Its said that 5X the recommended dose is harmful to your fish, etc.. I would use the recommended dose just so you don't waste it and $$
oh 5 times is the danger limit, i'll dose accordingly , thanks bcosta08is
I dose 2 drops per gallon of water for every gallon of water change (the 100 ml bottle had a dropper cap, and I switched it to my 250 ml bottle). When I have done a 19:1 bleach dip for certain plants when algae got the better of me, I neutralized the plants by setting them in a bucket of tap water with a 10x the recommended Prime dose for 10m or so. Otherwise, 2 drops per gallon of Prime has never harmed my fish, and even when I completely forgot and added the normal amount of Prime an hour or two later, fish were fine.

Also remember that Prime neutralizes chlorine and chloramine for about 24 hours. Normal chlorines break down after about that time.
Due to chloromines, I double dose Prime. I fill a syringe with 2.75 cc's of Prime and just add a little squirt to each two gallon bucket while it's filling up during water changes. Some get more than others, but all-in-all I end up using 2.75 mls of Prime during water changes.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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