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Primafix & Melafix ???? more ??? 11/22/10

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Please see last reply!!

Alright, I recently added Cardinals to my 90 gal.
They are CB tank raised fish, but I am guessing from the stress of the transport from the lfs to my tank, they ended up getting a little fungal issue.
It's only effecting a couple fish and is appearing as white cottony patches around the eye's.
Have any of you guys or gals used the Primafix and Malafix products on your planted tanks??

The website for the manufacture says they are both plant safe.

Any info or opinions will be greatly appreciated!
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FWIW,the tank flora is as follows......

Java fern
Anubuas nana
Rotala Indica
Jungle val's

Thanks again.
Yes, this sounds like a good scenario for using Mela and Pimafix. And yes, they're plant-safe.

Do keep an eye on your water parameters, though, because though they are supposed to be safe for the N-bacteria, I have experienced some ammonia spikes after use.

If they continue to get worse after a few days, I'd consider moving on to something stronger, though. IME Mela and Pimafix are great for minor problems, but if you've got fish with a full-blown infestation and/or fish that are dying, go ahead and pull out the commercial antibiotics and antifungals.
laura as always.. hit the nail on the head.. a water change before wouldnt be a bad idea
Thanks guys, out of 41 Cardinals there is only 2 or 3 with the fungi.

Off too Pet Smart!
OK, last night was the third dose of both the Prima & Melafix.
After an hour I ended up adding an air stone & pump as well as doing a water change.

This was brought on by all the fish, and shrimp breathing at the water's surface.
All was well this morning, though they didn't eat well.
FWIW, almost all the fungi on the fish is gone but I [email protected] killed the fish.

Anyone have any experience with these two product's similar to mine????

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
Have you checked your ammonia and nitrite levels?
Have you checked your ammonia and nitrite levels?

I have and both are 0 ppm!

Although if Melafix does cause a lack of dissolved oxygen in the water column, that might explain how the product could be hurting the N-bacteria, in other people tanks.

Interestingly enough I spoke to a Mars fish care rep today, I was told that
the product should only be staying in the tank for 24 hours which is the reason for the daily treatments.
But he did mention surface agg breaking down the product.
Well with next to zero surface agg in my tank I am quite sure the product is not breaking down as quickly as it should.

At this point I am going to retreat as needed.
With a 20% to 25% WC daily.

Just too make sure there is less of a build up in the tank.:thumbsup:

Last thing the rep sounded surprised that the products odor was still noticeable 24 hours after treatment.
In hind sight that should have told me something was wrong.:icon_eek:
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