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Pricing for Galaxys?

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Theres a fish breeder sorta in my city and they sold Galaxy Rasboras for $7.99ea Canandian. I was wondering if this is exspensive? How much do they cost in your area?
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$2.99 for (they claim) captive bred.

Tommy <9))>>{
Are you talking about celestial pearl danios?? I got mine for $3.50/ea.
Are you talking about celestial pearl danios??
Same fish, celestial pearl danio is the proper name, but who knows how long it will take to become dominant...
Moe, the price could be higher because the breeder knows it's hard to find cheaper US based breeders and resellers willing to ship live fish cross boarder.
in the PGH area, it's still 5-6 bucks per fish, if you can find them....
I think the price is higher as there is no-one in the city of Toronto that seems to be breeding them and none of the LFS want to bring them in as they are a more expensive fish and thus a bit more difficult to sell.

Who is the supplier and where are they located in Toronto as I too am interested in purchasing some. Maybe if the two of us buy a batch of them the price might go down. But 7.99 is a tad bit expensive even for them as it is not difficult to breed them.
They are at the North American Fish Breeders in Scarborough. I called them resently and they told me the price, but they said they were out of stock and that they would have more in 2 weeks. I was planning on buying 6 or so. Just enough for breeding.
hmmm... I didn't realise that they carried that species of fish.
I wanted to go there to buy the fish in 2 weeks or so but i have no way of getting there except by bus, and bus takes forever.
I saw them at a LFS for $3.99/ea about 3-4 months ago. I'm sure they were captive bred.
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