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Items do not include shipping unless noted. Paypal only for payment. PM me with any questions.

Shrimp feeding dish - (2 available) $7 ea. shipped

Shrimp food samples, I used small portions of each one so the weights listed on the bags are not accurate but there is still quite a bit of each left. - (Borneo Wild Color, Spinach, Grow and Barley) -[STRIKE]$4[/STRIKE] $5 shipped or free with any other purchase!

Archaea 36 watt, 18" light (bulb used less than 2 months) - [STRIKE]$55[/STRIKE] $50

Cal Aqua Nano 13mm glass pipes (suction cups are not pictured but are included) - [STRIKE]$60[/STRIKE] $50

Marineland Visi-Therm 50 watt heater - [STRIKE]$10[/STRIKE] $8

[STRIKE]New ADA 36w twin bulb for above fixture - This bulb is $39.99 if you buy it from AFA! - $13[/STRIKE] SOLD

[STRIKE]ADA thermometer - $9[/STRIKE] SOLD

[STRIKE]Aquarliam Rostrum Candy mineral supplement w/dosing spoon (lid taken off for photo)- about 90% full - $5[/STRIKE] SOLD

[STRIKE]Crypt. nurii 'Pahang' mutated - Large mother plant - $25 shipped[/STRIKE] SOLD

[STRIKE]Smaller plantlet - $15 shipped[/STRIKE] SOLD
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