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Preventing health issues, some questions

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So, sort of a second part to my quarantine thread I just posted I am curious if anyone ever doses their tanks with Paraguard, Melafix, or similar medications as a PREVENTATIVE. Are these drugs you should ONLY dose if you suspect a problem or can they even be used as preventative? I understand bacteria/parasite resistance to medications in mammals, not sure if it's the same for aquatic critters. Having recently gotten into OEBTs I am worried about bacterial infections since I know it can be a somewhat common issue with them. I have IAL and alder cones in the tank and will be doing 20% per week WCs but is that REALLY all you can do to try to prevent this sort of thing? Likewise with something like vorticella parasites and neos, could a preventative work? Thanks in advance!
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Well Paragurd has some medications in it. As Melafix and Primafix are all natural Tea extract, a holistic approach. On every water change in my OEBT and BTOE I dose it with both!
Ooooooooooooooooooooooo....that's good to know! So I take it you've had good luck with dosing with both? You do weekly water changes right (pretty sure it's either 20% or two 12% changes, right....or am I thinking of another poster?)? I've got to find what I did with my Melafix but may go ahead and order Primafix as well. Just looked it up, do you mean Pimafix?
Yes Pimafix. On my neo tank I do 20% weekly. On my CRS SS-SSS, PRL, OEBT, BTOE, and soon to be TB tank I do 2 X weekly 12%. I have had good luck doing that. One of the breeders I got some of my SSS CRS from does it. My friend who got out of the hobby and gave me is Crimison PRLS did it as well.

Plus it makes your tanks and fish tank room smell good for a couple days!
Thanks so much for the tip and one last question. I was just looking at my Melafix and wondered, do you dose for JUST the amount you are putting back in the tank (say, 20%) or do you do the dose for the entire tank (like a 10 gallon tank, dose for 10 gallons)?? Thank you again:)
Do you do this because you have had problems in the past? Or is it totally preventative? Are they thriving and breeding?
I haven't tried Perm yet but Mel works! Folks who can't cure their shrimp with Mel have deeper rooted issues that most likely needs a tank nuke/reset.
Well I had problems in the past, and like nick said, I had to almost do a complete nuke. I do it now as prevention. MY OEBT and BTOE now breed like NEOS. I currently have 4 berried OEBT, 2 sadeled this morning after dropping babies 4 days ago
Good info!!! Do you treat for the amount of water change only? Or treat the whole tank?
whole tank, in 4 tanks I have evap of almost 10 gallons a week. So with it evaping, the 20-22% of water changes and purigen catching some I just dose whole tank each water change
what are the water parameters for you BTOE and OEBT?
Tanks about the same 6.8-7 ph ( changes as my ro is 6.6 but have some crushed coral in the tank that helps bring it up to 7). Gh 5 kh 1-2. Tds oebt 170-180. Btoe 180-205. Just added 10 more btoe to my tank thanks to speedie. All doing great

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Sounds good! Seems like you are having fun, keep it up!!
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