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I walked into this store and it was like I died and went to fishy heaven. They had everything I could ever want (although I can't afford most of those things, even the ones I plan to get anyway). I found the cardinals, SAE's, amano shrimp, special bettas, galaxy rasboras, hengel's rasboras, espeis, anything and everything my LFS's don't carry. One question:

WHY ARE YOU IN LANSING. God, if it weren't an hour away, I would be there all the time, spending all my money, living on ramen noodles and happily staring at my tank. No offense to those of you in Lansing (state fans need not apply), but it is the most poorly maintained city I've ever been in. Why did your city decide to repair every single road that spanned east-west across the city at the same time? The entire city was dead on a Saturday! Nobody was out, no cars, nothing. Took me forever to find the one road that wasn't closed for construction.

On the other hand, the soul food restaurant across the street had some of the best sweet potato pie ever. Good chicken and ribs too.

end rent.

So, does anyone on this forum work there, or know about them? When do their shipments come in, how do you get discounts on big purchases, etc?
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I got there every now and then. There is a member here by the name of Sarah, aka C_periergue or something like that. Shes mainly the plant person there, but she also specializes in other stuff as well.

From what I hear, their plant shipment usually comes in on Thursdays. I am not sure of live stock. If you would like to do a big purchase, Rick (Owner) would be the best guy to talk to.
I live in Lansing and hate driving in it, too.

Flat landscape, no large bodies of water, crappy roads. This place has it all.

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to our store. The freshwater department is staffed with a bunch of fish nerds, so we do our best to keep really cool stuff in stock. Personally, I'm a fan of cyprinids, so I'm extra careful about keeping lots of cool rasboras and danios around.

We get most of our plant shipments on Thursday or Friday, and fish shipments almost daily. Other than Friday AM for first pick on plants, there aren't any really good times to come in when stock is newest because we put new fish out on the sales floor daily. This is because we quarantine every fish that comes in on a shipment for at least a week and the fish don't seem to want to all recover from illnesses on the same day. :) We often call people who are waiting for a certain species the day it comes out to the floor so they get first pick... that's the best way to get what you're looking for.

As far as discounts on large orders, you can talk to me (freshwater manager) or Steve (the fishroom manager) about it, as well. We're usually easier to find, anyway. Or you can ask anyone on the sales floor about it and they'll find someone who can help with it.

Since you've got a bit of a drive from Lansing, remember to ask us to pack your fish in pure oxygen instead of just air. They do better that way.

I keep meaning to go to Vernadine's, but I usually only have time for Speedway on my breaks. I'll have to try the sweet potato pie when I get a chance, though. I've heard that's the place to eat. If you like Mexican food, go to Pablo's (a few doors down) the next time you're here... they have a spicy chicken sandwich that's absolutely awesome. It's called the "Preuss Special" because Rick orders it every time he goes there. :)

Thanks for posting. I'll print this out for my coworkers tonight; they deserve a pat on the back.

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I'm looking forward to stopping in to see the new store when I'm in town later this month. I worked there over 10 years ago and have been a customer (for my first fish) for over 20 years.
As soon as i get a few bucks to spare and the car back from my wife i'm making a trip over there. I was trying to get there at least once every month but have been failing miserably at that lol. Great place, best pet store in michigan. Hell i've handed out cards at work and sent people there that were looking for some specific or needed something solved that was outa my range.

Take care and keep up the good work. Its great to go into a store that gives a damn about the live stock and plants. Its rather a rare thing to find.
I love driving down to Preuss house to look at all of their creatures! I am also about an hour away, but it is worth the trip. I have purchased most of my fish there.

I just started a planted tank so I will be making a trip soon!

I do believe that Sarah has dipped out a few fish for me.
awesome store

I went to the new store and was bowled over by it :thumbsup: I met someone there to pick up a little dog that I was taking since he could no longer keep her. It was a hour and a half drive for me but it was well worth the trip. If I was closer I would be going there a lot, it's like a tropical paradise and the staff is very friendly. Tanks, cages and store all very clean and well taken care of. Also, they have beautiful angel fish and birds. It was a very rewarding day for me, I got a wonderful little dog, her former owner didn't have to put her down and I got to visit the store I have read about for months. :) Now, what could be better than that? I'm going to go back again just to see the stream and this time I will get to buy fish :fish: :)
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