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pressurized co2 on a 10 gallon nano.

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anyone know any links and products or info about pressurizied co2 on a 10gallon nano, hopefully with a solenoid vavle or something i can add a solenoid vavle to so i can run it on a timer during the day and have the co2 off at night, i cant really find anything which is suitable for a 10gallon nano without it being either overkill, or non-pressurized.

i am a bit of a newbie with co2 so bare with me here, but not with fishkeeping in general.

so is there any small c02 kits pressurized ( maybe disposal?) which i can add a vavle to? or something like that i dont really know what to be looking for, i dont mind about the diffuser il probably just buy those rhinox ones off ebay.

i was orignally looking at but its not out till december and has no vavle and i dont want to wait much longer as i have been trying to set this tank up for the last 4 months and its still completey bare and empty.

i do have a budget here though and dont really want to be spending over triple figures on just a co2 kit alone.

oh and i have also posted a thread in the lighting section if anyone feels like helping me out over there to.

many thanks
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CO2 systems are the same for small tanks as for large tanks. All that changes is the bubble rate you use and the reactor or diffuser you use. I suggest looking for 5 pound tanks, since that would last you many months on a 10 gallon tank. Then, look for used CO2 regulator assemblies on the swap n shop forum, on craigslist, on ebay, etc. You can make even a Milwaukee regulator work for you, but it takes more patience and care than a better regulator would require.
I am not sure what all your options would be, since you are outside of the US. I would suggest you look at your options available and pay close attention to the long term cost of operation. Units for small tanks usually are less up front, but co2 refill cost is much higher. For an example, I was looking into getting a little setup that runs off of disposible co2 for a little tank I am wanting to setup, instead of using a large 20lb co2 system I already have. After looking up what 4 refills cost( 4 little refills did not quite total 1lb of co2) and the cost was about the same as what I pay for refilling my 20lb co2 tanks used on my larger planted aquariums. In my opinion, get the largest co2 system you can fit under your stand or outside of your stand that you can afford. I built my own regulator setups from regulators that are made for homebrewing. One nice thing about this is if I ever want to sell them, I can sell the regulator to someone in the planted tank hobby or to a home brewer. Just my 2 cents.
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well i can get a jbl proflora m602 which contains everything including a 500g bottle, i would swap out the diffuser and a rhinox one and pop a drop checker on the tank to, any ideas how long a 500g bottle of co2 would last on a 10 gallon tank with a average ppm while being on 8 hours a day? and would this be a good buy? as ive spent so much money on it already i just need a good 'value for money' kit
this is the kit:
thanks :)
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