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Pressurized Co2 Issue

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I just installed some new hardware on my pressurized co2 setup and I have the feeling there is leak somewhere.

How can I find the lean without reconnecting everything?

Any tips?

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Mix a little soap in with some water and put it in a spritzer bottle. When the CO2 is running, spray the whole thing lightly with the water. The soap in the water will make it foam up wherever there is a leak. Works pretty good, although the suds can be hard to spot in weird corners and crevices.
When looking for leaks there are two kinds.
The tiny little leak requires a thick mix of soap so that it will cling on the surfaces long enough for the bubble to get large enough to notice. For this I like dish soap as it is made to be more persistent. I shoot just a bit in a small cup, add just enough water to foam and mix it with a small brush so that I get lots of tiny bubbles. Give it some time and watch for bubbles which grow.
Then you can also have the larger leaks which may sometimes be harder to find. They just blow the foam off and you may never see the leak. These are sneaky and you have to really feel for them sometimes. When you swab the foam on and suddenly find a bare spot, check for a big leaker.
Time to search my any leaks! Thanks guys!
Regulator = Foxx Equipment Company. Min = 500psi Max = 2600PSI

I found the leak and I believe I have solved the issue.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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