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Pressurized CO2 components after regulator needed

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New - totally new to planted tanks. I have many tanks running now and have a 150 gallon to be set up in the next few weeks. I will convert 1 of my 55' to a planted tank to use as a training tank, then decide whether I want to set up the 150 as planted.
I have been researching systems and here's where I'm at. I have actually 2 co2 regulators to use with 1 being a good one duel gauge that I used for a kegerator, and the 2nd is a lesser quality single gauge one. I want to add a check valve, needle valve, solenoid and bubbler to the good regulator and use that to learn with on the 55, then move it to the 150 If I decide to set up the 150 planted.

Can someone advise on a list of parts that a recommended?

I've concluded that the needle valve is the weak link. Also if there's a one stop shopping site to get all those components listed. I have the tank and regulator, so all compontents after the reg is up in the air.
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Check some of these post regulator parts. You might be able to find most of them on evilbay.
I go for the fabco nv55 mounted and the mouse needle solenoid.
I'm using it without any issues and cheapest out of the bunch, but still reliable.
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