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pressurized and pH

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Ok. I read the articles about pH. According to Rex Grigg, pH swings generally don't cause harm, unless its very large/sudden and accompanied by osmotic differences in mineral hardness.

If we factor an average kH for a planted tank, about how much will the pH rise overnight when a solenoid turns it off?

Same goes for leaving it on without a solenoid (with a small air stone).

Is it better not to use an airstone?
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I have seen this debate quite a few times here, and they have actually gotten quite heated. I think each person has to make up their own mind on what they feel comfortable doing.

As for myself, I use a solenoid setup. I turn it on 1.25 hours prior to lights and off 1 hour before dark. My Congo Tetras seem to be quite sensative to water conditions and are my greatest measure of water conditions, besides test kits. Since I have been doing this, they have not shown any stresses.

I don't know if it's necessary, but I do run an air stone about 2 hours after lights out for about 4 hours to make sure O2 doesn't get low. I really don't know if it's needed, but I don't think it hurts...
I ran my co2 24/7 for 4 years, with no aeration at night. Just 2 weeks ago stalled a solenoid, only to save gas. The fish show no signs of stress either way.
are you saying your Congo tetras have never been affected, considering you don't have a pH controller?
are you saying your Congo tetras have never been affected, considering you don't have a pH controller?
You don't need a pH controller. I have 2 and don't use either one as a "Controller"--I just use them as Monitors, so I can see pH at a glance. Its solely for my own convenience.....:thumbsup:

I have one setup that runs the C02 24/7 and another that goes on and off with the lights. Both ways work fine.

Your fish will tell You whether or not you need to run an airstone. If they go to the top (more 02) after lights go out--or by morning before the lights come on--then You either need to run an airstone or create some more surface turbulance with the spraybar or a powerhead, etc. If not--then things are OK.

are you saying your Congo tetras have never been affected, considering you don't have a pH controller?
Nope, the Congo's are fine... For the first couple of days I adjusted the CO2 up slowly from 1bps to where I wanted it. They seems a little upset about the noise from the crunching of the CO2 into the power head, until I installed my reactor.

I looked into the pH controller, but I don't think I need it really for my setup. My pH seems to stay fairly stable and I keep the bubble count in check daily. I have a 20Ib tank and check the level to ensure I don't have an EOT dump. I think it will be quite a while before it gets close to empty tho :)
Rain Frog: drop checkers are a poor man's ph controller if you just want to use the controller as a probe. blacksunshine is selling them for $10 shipped in SnS.

I have a solenoid and my pH swings from like 7.2 to like problems observed in the fish.
how do drop checkers operate?
Its a really long explaination so i will refer you to another thread on this site:

There is PAGES AND PAGES of discussion about them. This is the same thread where Blacksunshine sells the drop chekers. Have a look !

My ph rises about 1 full point overnight. The fish have shown no stress or any other reaction to it.

Tommy <9))>>{
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