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Preparing Driftwood

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I found some driftwood on the beach of Lake Superior Michigan, and I'm wondering how to prepare it for use in a tank I'm going to setup this this fall. I've read that some soak the wood to remove tannins, but this wood is very bleached out. Plus, they are good size pieces. One piece is the root part of a small tree (looks really cool) and the other two are quite large (I'm planning a large tank around 90-125 gallons).
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It may not need soaking, but it'd be nice to clean it somehow...maybe you could put it in a really hot bath for a while? I think the goal would be to kill any critters that might still be in it (and also give you a heads up on if it floats...)

At the very least I'd hose it off really well and leave it in the sunniest spot I could find. If you can fit in in an oven, even better...bake at around 225 for several hours (before hosing off I think--don't want all that steam!).
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