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We have TONS of beautiful dwarf shrimp in stock right now!

- Cardinal Sulawesi
- Black Carbon
- Orange Bee
- Crystal Red
- Neon Yellow
- Blue Velvet
- Red Rili Shrimp
- Algae Eating (Amano)
- Dwarf Mexican Lobsters (CPOs)
- Tha Micro Crabs

Yes the Cardinal Sulawesi shrimp are the real deal! We have about 25 of them in stock and they are doing very well. These shrimp can not be kept with other dwarf shrimp and should be left for expert shrimp keepers only! Black Carbon shrimp are pretty much solid black!

Great nano fish we have in stock right now that would go well with dwarf shrimp...

- Ember Tetra
- Sunshine Neon Tetra!
- Green Neon Tetra
- Celestial Pearl Danios (CPDs)
- Endlers
- Green Kubotai Rasbora
- Espei Rasbora
- Sparkling Gourami
- Pygmy Cories!

If you have any questions PM us on here or call the store at (770) 321-8404
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