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Hey guys!

Just wanted to remind everyone that we have everything you need for a successful CO2 system! We also just priced out a very aggressive and price competitive 5lb CO2 Kit...

5lb CO2 System - $250
- Milwaukee Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator w/ Bubble Counter
- 5lb Aluminum CO2 Tank
- Mr. Aqua Glass Diffuser
- ISTA CO2 Drop Checker
- 12' of Silicone Tubing
- 5lb CO2 Tank Fill

A system like that would typically cost over $300 with out a CO2 fill on the tank.

CO2 products that we carry...

- Milwaukee Dual Stage CO2 Regulator w/ Solenoid and Bubble Counter
- UpAqua Dual Stage CO2 Regular w/ Solenoid
- UpAqua CO2 "Omnibus" Regulator
- UpAqua CO2 Regulator

- Milwaukee PH Monitor
- Milwaukee PH Controller

- 5LB CO2 Tanks

- Paintball CO2 Tank Adapters

- UpAqua Glass CO2 Diffuser
- Tropica 3-in-1 Glass CO2 Diffuser
- Mr.Aqua N002 Glass CO2 Diffuser
- Mr.Aqua N003 GLass CO2 Diffuser
- Mr.Aqua N004 Glass CO2 Diffuser
- ISTA 3-in-1 CO2 Diffuser (Both Large and Small sizes)
- ISTA "UFO" CO2 Diffuser
- VIV Mini Glass CO2 Diffuser

- UpAqua "Atomizer" CO2 Reactor 12/16mm
- UpAqua "Atomizer" CO2 Reactor 16/22mm
- ISTA Max/Mix CO2 Reactor Large
- ISTA Max/Mix CO2 Reactor Medium

- ISTA CO2 Bubble Counter
- ISTA CO2 Drop Checker
- ISTA CO2 Drop Checker Solution

- ZML Day/Night Timers

- CO2 Tank Refills up to 20LB tanks!!! (On the spot refills. No swapping or waiting!)

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