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I have been doing lots of research for last several weeks. I have a 20g long tank that has everything to get red plants but good fertilizer. I really wanted to avoid nitrogen starvation but thats what I am getting from everyone that no matter what, you will need to control nitrogen.
Here is the list of red plants that I have now -
Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini', Alternanthera Rosanervig, Ammannia Gracilis, Ludwigia Repens, Rotala Rotundifolia, LUDWIGIA SP. 'SUPER RED MINI', Rotala rotundifolia blood red. Barclaya Longifolia

I was told that rotalas are very challenging to get red. I am ok with that, but ATM, I cant get any of my plants to turn red. I ordered Chihiros wrgb2. I use RO/DI water.

My questions are-

1 - Is there a liquid ferts that I can use that can do nitrogen starving? Since I am new, I dont want to mess with mixing mine yet.

2 - What is 2HR AQUARIST All-in-one APT Zero? I am getting mixed answer. Is it good for nitrogen starving or is it not?

3 - What is the difference between 2HR AQUARIST All-in-one APT Zero and 2HR AQUARIST All-in-one APT Complete? I have neocaridina shrimp if that makes a difference here.
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