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Pregnant rcs die?

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In my colony tank I've noticed a peculiar situation.
After my initial deathbath of shrimp, I've finally got ahold of the situation and deaths are rare.

What puzzles me is that now, 99% of deaths are from pregnant rcs???
They still have their eggs when they die.

I am puzzled and don't understand why pregnant shrimp die?
Is it because of stress or do they need something in the water?

This is a colony tank and all I have are shrimp, lots of snails and a small guppy.
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What caused your initial "deathbath"? and how did you fix the problem?
I am not sure what caused my initial problems but it had to with the water.
I suspect too much copper.
Since I started filtering the water witt brita filters (which filters copper and makes the water ultra soft) and adding a dash of baking soda and epsom salts to every 2 liters of water to brin ph and hardness to around ph7 going into the tank the deaths have stopped.
Sure there is the ocasional death here and there, but usually pregnant rcs die after a few days of having eggs.

It's weird.
I've heard britta filters may not be good to use for shrimp tanks. Nothing has been confirmed to my knowledge, but you may be better off using pure RO water.

That may be the cause.

An RO unit is quite expensive to operate for me. :)

Plus deaths are rare, it just seems that when a shrimp dies, its always a pregnant one!
That is an excelent question, and I dont have an answer. :)
I have all sorts of shrimps and sometimes the ones that die are small, sometimes they are big.

It doesnt help either that I dont know how to age a shrimp. :)
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