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Preggy shrimp with PICS...need help.

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Had this tank for about 2 months now, and I noticed that 2 of my cherries are pregnant. Can someone tell me how long it takes for them to give birth and if they give birth to live youngs? I notice them having eggs roughly 3 weeks or so.

In my tank there are 3 autos and 9 neon tetras. Should I be worry about the tetras eating the babies?

Oh yeah one more thing, why is one brown and the other yellow? (egg sac)

Mama #1

Mama #2

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It takes them about a month...and unfortunately, the tetras will eat your baby shrimp.
If I were you I would remove the mothers to be and put them in another tank or container if you would like to keep the babies.

Yes they do give birth to little minature cherry shrimp.

Nice pictures!!!
If you have enough plant coverage, a few may survive. But like Epicfish stated above, most will be food for the neons. Nice closeup of the egg sac! :)
About the color of the eggs - I notice some of my RCS have bright yellow eggs and then some have green eggs. I hear both are common.
thanks for the help guys!

But if I move the mothers in a separate container without a filter and some java moss would it survive and give birth? Or shall I get rid of the neons!?
They'll survive and give birth. Take water from the existing tank right now for the new small container. You don't want the shrimp to drop the eggs because of a drastic change in water quality.

Change the water every so often to keep it clean. Don't feed too much. Shrimp have a low bioload.
epicfish is right. I have done this in the past and it worked.
IME, people are extremely over-paranoid about small fish eating baby shrimp. Will the fish consider them meal-worthy? Probably. Does that mean they'll eat them all? Absolutely not. I had 10 RCS in a tank with 10 neons and two black neons and within a month and a half the population had quintupled. Just because the fish are capable and probably willing to eat the shrimp doesn't mean they will. Baby shrimp can be really quick when they want to be and are good hiders. If anything, unless you plan on breeding the shrimp to sell, I'd consider having a few tetras in there a good thing as it may help keep your population manageable for a little while.

I make you this promise: there is no way, as long as you have adequate foliage for the babies to hide in and you keep your tetras well fed, that the neons will have a major impact on your shimp's ability to breed and survive. They may get a few, but your population will continue to grow.

I agree with solstice here. I have 4 green neons in my nano and the shrimp are breeding like mad. I have never seen one of the neons eat an infant shrimp. I have seen a shrimp almost jump on a neon from the rock above. Just kinda scared the neon. My babies are all over the HC foliage with no problems. Heck, I'm to the point where I wish the neons would limit the population a little because that nano is going to be full of RCS!

Edit: Hey, Happy 100th post to me :hihi:
Well, all others have pretty much answered your questions, so I just wanted to comment on the great pictures! I love that last one of the yellow egg sac:icon_surp
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