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Prayers needed!

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Hey guys,
I have horrible news! My local LFS's owner lost her 16yr old son Monday morning. He was a great kid! Loved fish! And was very intellegent! He was driving a tractor down a farm to market road and was attempting to turn left onto another road, when the impatient driver behind him tried to pass. The rear of the tractor was hit, and he was ejected and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Here is the story
(if the link does not work, go to and click on the picture of the white suv)
Please keep this family in your prayers!

EDIT...sorry guys...I am dyslexic...I said right, but it was a left turn.

EDIT #2:...use the has now been moved from front page.
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Sorry for the loss. Been to waxahachie before, nice town. Cant beleive people are so impatient these days.
That's so horrible to hear. Life's tough, and often sad. :( My wishes are with her and the rest of her sons' family and friends.
So sorry to hear. I myself grew up on a farm and know exactly what they are talking about. People just think that because you are moving slow they can whip right around you like nothing at all. Prayers go out to them.
What a horrible senseless tragedy. Maybe this will remind us to slow down, pay attention and be more courteous on the road. My heart goes out to his family.
I am sorry to hear this. My prayers are here.
What a horrible senseless tragedy. Maybe this will remind us to slow down, pay attention and be more courteous on the road. My heart goes out to his family.
I hope so.

I have/had talked to this young man on several occasions. I did not know him very well, but I will miss him. He was so excited that I had Endler's Livebearers and Red Cherry Shrimp. He had planned on purchasing some from me. I am really thinking about giving his mother some for his tank in Memory of him.

Gotta stop here...getting teary eyed (again).
His family are in our prayers. It is a hard thing to go through and people really dont understand the consequences of being impatient. Having lost many people of my age that were close I feel for them and hope they can get through this.
Oh, how horrible!! I don't know what to say except I'm so sorry for his family and friends (which of course includes you, Suzie Q, bless your heart). :icon_cry:
Thanks everyone...the funeral is today at 10:00am. I am not able to go, but a friend of mine who knows them better than I do is going. I sent my regards with her.
That is so tragic. The family will be in my prayers.
Very sad thing to hear. my prayers go out to the family.
I grew up in a rual area some people just don't care and go flying thru. no consideration.
I grew up in a rural area too, and it's unfortunate that there are so many automobile-related deaths in rural areas. It seems like your likelyhood of being mugged or murdered go way down in rural areas, but you cannot escape those drunks and mentally incapacitated drivers no matter where you go.

My prayers definitely go out to the family, and I think anything you can do, even if it's donating some endlers for his tank, to help his family would be appreciated.
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