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So i'm looking to give pps-pro a try as a fert program. I'm trying to figure out the proper measurements for the dry ferts and Mg and K are giving me a problem.

I using kno3, kh2po4, k2so4, csm+b and GLA Gh booster. no3 and po4 are okay, but when i'm looking over this mix i'm goign to get a crapload of extra K from the so4 that's both solo fert and the component that's mixed into the GH booster. At least I think I am. What I'm trying to figure out is if i actually need to add the k2so4 when I'll have k2s04 in the GH booster plus all the extra K from the other ferts.

I was using zolfox's calculator for all the ferts, but it stumbles hard when I try to figure out GLA GH telling me i need to add 488 tsp to my 500 ml container.

So GLA is mixed in a 2:3:3 ratio.. So 8 parts, 2 of which are Mg. The PPS recipe calls for 20g of Mgso4. So if i'm figuring right. In order to get that amount of just mgs04, I would need to quadruple the amount of GH booster, so 80g GH booster then equals 20g of MGso4, 30g of cas04 and 30g of K2s04. Given that the pps recipe calls for 30g of k2s04, I should be good with just the GH booster without adding any extra k2s04 right?

Also, given that my tap water is 3dKH and 5dGH, should I just omit the Mg from the pps?
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