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Hey guys! I got a few things I need to sell.
For equipment I got:

Aquaeon Circulation Pump - 2400gph - Used it for a few months. - $50 shipped

Generic water pump. 660GPH. Perfect for a sump, or for pumping water into the tank from buckets. Works great, used it for a few months - $30 shipped.

Old Style Visitherm 250w heater. - lightly used - $15 Shipped

Theo Hydor 300w heater - used a few times as backup - $15 shipped

Hygrophila sp. 'brown / 'thai' - $2/stem
Hygrophila sp. 'tiger' - $1/stem
Hydrocotyle sp. 'japan' - $4 golfball
Ludwigia palustris 'red' - $2/stem
Amazon Sword - $4/plant
Cryptocoryne wendtii 'brown' - $4/plant
Bucephalandra 'golden bell' - $15/plant - SOLD!
Clinopodium cf. 'browneii' - $3/stem

Most of the plants are grown emersed.
Shipping for plants is $10.50 flat rate. If its small enough, I might be able to fit it in a Small flat rate, in which case I will refund you the difference.

I try to include extras in my plant packages.

All equipment will be sent the cheapest method possible unless you tell me otherwise.

Insurance for the equipment is available for $3.

I refund DOA's on a case by case basis. I assume no responsibility for weather, delays, or lost packages. If a package is lost, I will do my best to help you out, but I am in no way obligated.

I take Paypal and Google wallet.

I would be willing to trade for small shoaling fish, and Shell Dwelling cichlids.
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