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Powerheads are a good way to up the circulation but then there are lots of things to consider. For my tanks, I often have things like wood or rock in the way that block or divert flow so large powerheads are not where I go but stick to smaller sizes. I like to have them move water but not so much and so hard that moves dirt or plants too much.
Then there are always the problems of the powerhead coming loose and pointing down so it makes a dust/dirt storm and digs a hole to the bottom glass.
The one I find that finally does all I want is the Korali nano, maybe 425???
It is the smallest in their line but I find it works better for me. Mounting is one thing I've become super critical of as I shop powerheads and they seem to have one that works. I've tried Marineland with several suction cups and a complex mounting gizmo but the suction cups wind up loose. I like the suction cup with magnet inside as they combo seems to hold much better as well as long term when the suction cup begins to get brittle. I also highly recommend the way their cage is designed as it can suck in leaves, etc. and they don't seem to clog and get jammed as much.
I go small and then add more as I find things blocking the flow.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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