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I have a rack of tanks but the tanks on the lower rack are hard to siphon and I often use a mini pump to do water changes / gravel vac. I have a large air pump and sponge filters in all the tanks.

Today I was thinking, what if I ran the sponge filters off of a powerhead and then I could use the powerhead to do the water changes? I wouldn't have to worry about one pump being in multiple tanks and possible disease / parasite / algae transfer if I had a number of short sections of hose and a permanent powerhead per tank.

My biggest concern is that the powerheads would be too strong on the flow. The tanks are between 17 and 25 gallons. Is there a small pump someone would recommend for this? I think it's a great solution for water changes if the flow doesn't stress the fish. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you.
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