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Powerhead location & direction for CO2 Injection

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Hi All,

I have a DIY type of CO2 system using powerhead to help inject CO2 into the tank.

The powerhead is currently located in the top portion of the tank and pointing to the tank wall.

Should I reposition it to the buttom of the tank (right above the substrate) and point it to the plants?

I recall reading some online article that the CO2 injector should be at the buttom of the tank and point it at plants, so the plants can get the CO2 bubble, but it doesn't make much sense to me as the bubble disperse in the water where all the plants are residing.

Please advice. Thanks.
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no I would point it at your plants..its not all about diffusion, the rest of the equation is circulation. you want your flow to circulate through the whole tank and around all the wanna make sure that the CO2 rich water gets to every part of the plant. Works this way for ferts as well..
i have my CO2 line running into my powerhead. the power head points in general at my background plants. after installing the powerhead, now my frogbit floats in a circle which i assume is a good thing :) mt powerhead is about halfway down the side of the tank point to the back. its good flow so it helps keep things moving to prevent dirt buildup on the frogbit roots
Amano suggests the tank flow across the front glass rebound off the far end and return to the same end it began but in the back of the tank, so it would be natural to put the power head low in the water to keep the gas away from the surface so it has more time to dissolve while keeping it some where in this flow line of the filter outlet already in place, this keeps every thing flowing in the same direction and a little faster.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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