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Power is finally back after 3 days and I was surprised that my fish survived! The temps in my 37 and 10 gal were in the low 50's for 3 days with no light and no filtration. I did have a battery powered air pump that I ran a few times to conserve the battery (D's were sold out). All my crypts melted but the rest of my plants seem ok and only a few leaves turning transparent.

I probably lost 1-2 CPD's in my 37 but in my 10 gal. I have 2 adult and 2 baby platies and they all survived! They are all starting to perk up with my heater starting to bring the temps up.

Thank you Seattle_Aquarist for your encouraging words (, I was almost certain I was going to lose my tanks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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