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Power filter cartridge alternative

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This was discussed earlier, but I did not gather a conclusive information what can be used instead of filter cartridges to save money. I bought Auaen 20 power filter for my 29 g tank in April and did not replace cartridges since then. Now, I see it circulates the water, but does not filter well any more. Can I use some cheap sponge pad insead of relatively expensive cartridges? What kind of sponge would be th ebest: May be I can use the same sponge again and again after sim0le rinsing it?
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Hi ufimych! I have two HOT power filters and I use the black sponge refill from my Filstar Canister filter like this:

I cut it to size and then also stuff some ceramic rings into a small bag in place it in media area also. I am not familiar with the filter you have but both of mine are pretty slim but if I flatten out the rings in the bag they fit. To polish the water from time to time I add a this micro-polisher cut to fit at well.

When I do a water change and take all of them out and rinse them in the old tank water while its draining to clean them of gunk and place them back in the HOT filter. The rings and the black foam have been in use for 6-8 months and the polishing pad gets replaced about every other cleaning when I need it. (I cut a piece about 2.5 inches tall x the width and place it as the last thing in my filter).

Next time your at the LFS take a look at what they have and you should be able to find something that works for your filter. IMO, its not worth getting the refills as I find they have carbon in them and I don't need that for my tank. (I do keep one or two on hand just in case I need the carbon but as of today I have not used them)

Good luck!

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