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Power filter cartridge alternative

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This was discussed earlier, but I did not gather a conclusive information what can be used instead of filter cartridges to save money. I bought Auaen 20 power filter for my 29 g tank in April and did not replace cartridges since then. Now, I see it circulates the water, but does not filter well any more. Can I use some cheap sponge pad insead of relatively expensive cartridges? What kind of sponge would be th ebest: May be I can use the same sponge again and again after sim0le rinsing it?
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Try to not throw your filter out at all unless it starts falling apart. That's where most of your beneficial bacteria is to keep your tank cycled. If you notice it's starting to fall apart stick another filter pad in it to start getting the bacteria on it before throwing out the old one.

You should probably only gently rinse out the current filter pad in old tank water so as not to desturb the good bacteria otherwise you'll send your tank into hopefully only a mine cycle.
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