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power adapter connection question.

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I just ordered a 24v 3w Parker solenoid and the picture they have shows a bit of a squarish part that may be some sort of connector but they cut it off so I can't make it out. Do I need some sort of wire connection thing? DO I just cut that off and use regular connectors? Any help will be appreciated.
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Might you be referring to spade terminal (crimp) connectors?

They are an easy way of attaching a power cord to the solenoid, though you could always skip them and directly solder the wires to the terminals.

If you choose to use them, just make sure that the wires are crimped properly, and you should be fine.
I'm not sure what type of connector it is..The picture cuts off at about half of the connector..I'll pm you the link to it and maybe you can tell what type it is.
Cut the old connection off.use whatever you can find that works for you.
One last question on this solenoid, I didn't want to start a new thread so I'll put it here..I have a 2 way..One side is 1 the other 2..Is it directional or can I put it on any way?
It is like a simple gate so many can be used either way. I would assume that the "correct" way would be to go in number one and out two.
I guess that would make sense. Thanks.
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