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So I might be moving to LA in the next month (tentative confirmation date: January 4)? It's still a long ways away but I want to plan as best as I can. Additionally, I'm still not even sure if I am moving (potential employer is getting stuff together). LA is expensive in comparison to where I am currently. Really expensive. And I think, the best way to save on the expenses is to have a flatmate. If any of y'all know somebody who is looking for a roommate, I'd like to ask if you could share this with them to see if we might be a match!

Quite obviously, the flatmate has to be very okay with multiple aquariums (like, we're talking racks of aquariums here). But, there're a few other things the flatmate has to be okay with as well. Here's a bulleted list of things:
- Must be gainfully employed (or a college student: college students will need to work out a plan for winter/summer breaks or other times when they are not in residence).
- Must be able to pay their share of the bills on time.
- Must be Queer friendly
- Gender: who cares. I identify with he/him pronouns.
- Pet policy: reptiles, fish are okay in common space. birds, small mammals are okay in flatmate's room. cats and dogs are unfortunately not allowed (fur allergies are hell).
- Smoking/Marijuana/Vape policy: Edibles are fine, just keep them in your room. I ask that any flatmate who smokes do so outside, or utilize a device that minimizes the smell (bongs, etc.) in order to minimize causing an asthma attack on my end.
- Hard drug policy: Nope.
- Alcohol policy: Yeah go for it. Just don't get super drunk and pour alcohol into my aquariums or houseplants.
- Plant policy: I want a jungle. If you want a jungle too, we can work out who gets the light.
- Food policy: I won't eat what you buy, you won't eat what I buy. Exceptions for staples such as rice, flour, sugar, butter, etc.
- Composting Policy: I have european night crawlers and grindal worms for the sake of composting/feeding to my fish. Roommate must be okay with vermicomposting within the apartment.
- Allergen policy: I ask that roommate not directly eat nuts or nut products (trail mix, snickers, etc) unless in the confines of their own room (said products should not be vermicomposted). While I am allergic to seafood, I am willing to risk it as long as the roommate thoroughly washes all utensils used in processing said seafood immediately (we will have a separate allergen board) after preparing the seafood, and further sterilizes by pouring boiling water on top of all utensils used.
- Neatness: I don't care about the state of your room. I do ask that you don't leave dishes in the sink for more than 8 hours (i.e. wash your dishes after you're finished eating). I also ask that you keep your articles of clothing relatively neat (piles of jackets near the walls are fine, jackets strewn all over the common space are not).
-COVID-19 and sick policy: You must wear at least a mask when outside, and follow proper sterilization procedures (we can establish this in conversation). If you get sick with COVID, then you need to tell me.
-Social Policy: subject to change post pandemic, but if it's within your bubble, then fine. Just...don't bring somebody to do the do with every night. Once or twice a week is fine, but I ask that the rest of the time you do it at their place. I may or may not ask for the first names of people you invite to the apartment for safety reasons.
- References: do you have any and can they vouch for you?
- Legal stuff: If there are things that you are doing that are not legal (drugs, trafficking, etc), then I don't think we're a good match :/ . Oh, but if you're like, doing work for some ~websites, then that's fine.

I'm sure there'll be more things to pull up as well, but that's all I can think of for now.

About me: I am a 24 year old college graduate with a passion for aquariums, cooking, baking, and sometimes dancing, looking to get into caring for tropical houseplants. I care about my roommates, so if you get sick, chances are likely that I'm willing to stop by the store on the way back from work to pick up advil/tylenol, as well as whip up some homemade food for you in order to help you get better. Cooking wise, I like to do a big batch of food on the weekends, and then just eat that throughout the week. I do have plans to acquire a costco card. I do have a partner, but we are in a long distance open relationship. I like communicating whenever something gets on my nerves so that we can fix whatever issue pops up. I do identify as neutral-liberal on the political spectrum, but nowadays seem to be learning more and more left. During the weekends (post pandemic), I plan to either stay at home, or explore a different restaurant, zoo, or aquarium. I am looking for one person (or an established couple) to share a 2 bedroom apartment with for a period of at least 2-3 years. In regards to COVID-19, I am an extreme social distancer, and take incredibly high precautions. I have not gone out more than once a week/month since the pandemic started. In regards to apartments, I have estimates of up to $11,000 for TOTAL expenses (including rent, water, electricity, etc.), but am hoping to not spend that money and funnel it into a retirement account.
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