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Potential Rabbit Snail Problem?

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My rabbit snail snail shares a five gallon tank with a betta fish, and it's filtered and heated at around 75 degrees. Betta never bothers the snail and doesn't seem to recognise her existance. Ammonia and nitrite zero, nitrate at less than 15 ppm. pH about 7.4, and GH and KH are very low at about 50 ppm, but her diet is supplemented by calcium rich veggies to try and make up for it.
My snail surprised me yesterday by giving birth to a little baby snail, even though I thought she was a boy. Baby is doing just fine, but she hasn't really been moving around. She was very active before, and was even moving around and eating yesterday, but today is just lying in a corner. She's got her face out, and if I touch her with a net she reacts, but otherwise she seems a little out of it. Is this normal post birth behavior for rabbit snails? Should I add some veggies to the water and try and get her to eat? I've admittedly been neglecting water changes yesterday, could that be it? Thank you!
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what kind of snail is it? how many in the tank?
its possible its going to have another baby i guess. i dont really know much about them. i wish you the best of luck that is so cool yours had babies mine never did
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