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Potassium Permanganate in brooklyn

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I need some Potassium Permanganate to get rid of snails and algae from my plants. What is the best place to get some in Brooklyn?
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If you can find a local business that sells water treatment supplies, you may be able to buy large amounts of KMnO4 inexpensively. It is used to remove iron from tap or well water.

A compounding pharmacist may have it as well, but is likely to be a stickler for record-keeping, and may want a prescription to sell it to you. "Administer to snails liberally until death occurs." ... ?

Possibly the easiest way to get it is from Kordon - they sell a KMnO4 solution in a bottle under the trade name Permoxyn. It's sold for killing parasites in aquaria.

Unfortunately, this is also the most expensive way to get it - orders of magnitude more expensive. But it will still only cost you 7-10$ for a small bottle, and you really don't need much to kill snails in a treatment bath.

edit: you can also get it from chemical supply houses.

Handle it with care. It's a strong oxidizer, and will stain things like nobody's business.
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Thanks for the info, especially the last link!
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