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I'm having some issues with algae, and it will be a while until my tiger lotus grows big enough to absorb all the excess nutrients. Meanwhile, algae has tried to take over my anubias within a week.

My lighting is a 96 watt PC and 2 x 14 watt screw ins from Home Depot. It is a 29 gallon tank.

Its obviously the lighting, but I also want to make sure the aponogeton, onion plant, and tiger lotus do ok and grow fast enough.

I remember from the past that a tank with a lot of anarcharis makes it easier to control algae. However, it is my experience that bleach, even a dilute solution will kill it.

I do have potassium permanganate, but unsure if I want to use it on it.

I need to be careful because this tank is for amphibians and I need to cleanse plants of potential chytrid which is extremely deadly to frogs.
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