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post pics of someone else's tank

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Is it illegal for me to post a pics of someone else's tank in this forum? Reason I am asking is that I am a huge fan of tom barr's tank, and would like to know what type of plants he have for background and its requirements(in one of his setup).
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only if your using the picture to try and sell something would there be any legal issues
no, not something like that at all. Just using the pics to ask questions and gain knowledge.
Ask him, and you should be fine!
Ask him, and you should be fine!
thank you Jake. I just sent him a pm. Hopefully, he will answer my question.
I use other peoples pics on my adds. I just make sure to cite the picture underneath it ie. who it's from are the website and url. I feel that if the picture is online they want people to see it, you just need to give them credit for it. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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