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I recall a "help me identify a tiny fish in my tank?" thread a few months back where it turned out the tiny cryptically colored fish in question was a H. Eques or Serpae Tetra baby. . And it had this weird striped brown coloration.

My 20 gallon with shrimp and an adult group of 10 Ember tetras has had some little babies start to make appearances in the roots of the Java Ferns and masses of floating Rotala and Watersprite.

I noticed this little one this morning, just maybe 8 mm in length, starting to show a bit of orange but it also had this faint striping that you cannot see well except with back-lighting. I've been noticing the little brownish ones in the roots of the Java Ferns but they're so cryptic and shy, that they're seen once and then disappear quickly.

When they reach this size they start to hang out under the leaves and stems of the reddish Rotalas and the root tangles of the floating WaterSprite. Ember tetras are supposedly of the H. Eques/Rosaeceas clade and they appear to have this cryptic post-larval camouflage until they get big enough to fend for them selves at the surface. I've been unable to get on camera the tiny brownish striped ones as they're very tiny, shy and my tank is a warren of little shady hidey holes.

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