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Possible to OD DIY CO2?

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Is it possible for the yeast in the bottles to produce too much CO2 and gas the tank, or is it (probably) impossible? I was thinking 3 2-liter bottles on a 55 gallon, too much/too little?
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It is possible I've seen it before. Once my friend set up 5 DIY ones in his 31g tank and then the next day some of his fish died because the pH dropped dramaticly during the night. But I think you can put 3 in your 55g.
I've had gasping fish and dieoff from DIY in the past. Usually it's when I'm running multiple bottles and it's over the first night the yeast are active (I never used jello to stabalize their eating).
Do you think an airstone inside the CO2 mix from an air pump will boost the CO2?
A DIY bottle can certainly gas out your fish. But, there is no way to say if it will do this to your tank. Too many factors to consider.

Key factors controlling amount/speed of CO2 production:
- amount/kind of sugar used
- amount/kind of yeast used
- temperature

Key factors controlling amount of CO2 in aquarium:
- amount of surface disturbance
- amount of water flow
- amount of floating plant material
- plant biomass


Adding O2 may boost CO2 production, BUT!!! Do not do this. [Among other problems] The bubbles will not simply "pop" at the surface, as they do in water. They will form a foam, and that foam will build up and be carried through the airline tubing into your tank.
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