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I have heard a few people say that their ferts end up going bad/rank/grow mold/what ever...When using peristaltic pumps to dose either inline or over the rim. Now.. I've been thinking about this, and it just doesnt seem like there should be a problem.

I dose Fleet enema/Stump Remover/Flourish. I have been dosing manually and simply pour out the dose, and recap. The bottles last me around 2 months, with no smell or anything else to suggest that its going 'bad'.

If one were dilute down to the proper dose for a pump with distilled water, there would be nothing to contaminate. Put them in clean dark containers. Put them under the tank with the dosing tube going into the bottle. Should be all set?

Now, here is where I think the problem is. One needs to leave the bottle with an air vent to allow for displacement when ur pump goes off. this air vent allows the mixes to go bad, as instead of recapping the mix, ur just leaving it to air.

I picked up a couple vacuum check valves at an auto store the other day. if I were to seal the intake and use the check valve to act as a displacement valve, it would remain sealed at all times, and only allow in the air needed when the water is pumped out.

Am I making any sense?
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