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Possible melting?

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Hi guys im fairly new to planted tanks and i have a 10gallon with 3 small amazon swords, some val, a red dwarf lilly, and maybe a nubia? i think. any way i put in the swords yesterday and some of em have like little dark greenish brown spots on em. Does this meen their melting? or just die off from replanting them?

My light is a 23watt CP desk lamp from wallmart, and is about 4 1/2 inches above the surface. Do i need to move it up any for the swords? My Val and (possible) nubia have been in for a few days and i dose 1ml of excell every morning, and they look perfectly fine.

Although they do have a bit of algea on them from the lfs. (The val and nubia that is)

Thanks in advance guys:smile:
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if anything melting is a sign of not enough light. Bring it down closer to the top of the tank also it could be that the species of plant you got needs pressurized CO2 or ferts...
Well ive never really seen a melting plant, can you discribe this for me please?
Your description is quite vague; a picture would be much more helpful in this case. It may be algae on your Swords (which are small now, but will outgrow your 10 gallon aquarium very quickly).

Melting is not triggered directly by low light conditions per se, but can be triggered when plants are moved from one environment to another, different, environment. Some plants, such as Cryptocoryne spp. will sometimes melt even when moved within the same aquarium.

Melting looks like the plant is disintegrating, and turning to clear mush.
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