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possible guess on male/female?

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i know its still really young for this but to me it looks kinda like i might get lucky and end up with a female. what do you all think

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Cannot see its whole body yet... but the tail seems like little thick... and it may be a female I guess... Did you try to use some flashlight to beam it and see if you can see any "saddle"?
this shrimp is a pain it does not like to come out so i can see it. and hides when i do spot it. the others in the tank love to be right out front
Blue bolts are hard to sex. I have some I swore where males that ended up getting berried, then some with huge bellies that are males...
I let mine berry and that is my only true tried with bb. I am good with most others but they are tricky.
my guess is female, let us know how it turns out
thanks all. when i find out i will let you know. i have a feeling it will be a while though. any one know how long it takes for tb to breed? these are young and i was kinda wondering how many months
Here is a picture for gender reference.

Male is on the left. Female on right.
The female is quite big for being berried for the 1st time.

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yeah i tend to judge on the large shell plant but mine might just be to young yet. how long have yours taken to get breeding age
See from that pic looks like a male
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