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I have seen the dreaded BBA in my cichlid tank's with no light over the tank,no plant's, no fertz,no CO2 other than that produced as by product of bacterial processes,fish respiration.
In my mind/expierience, it is thwarted by servicing the filter more often,large water changes weekly,and not overstocking,over feeding.
I believe the stuff is tied to organic content in glass box of water (ie) fish food,fish waste, and sealed canister filter's that may be home for excessive organic's which feed's the stuff.
Wonder how many folk's like me have actually tried twice weekly 50% water changes ,twice monthly cleaning of filter material,reducing food input (organic matter), for a few week's have seen improvement's without all the spot dosing with this or that,blackout's, etc ?
This would/is my first line of defense, and may work for other's also .It doesn't cost anything, but may need to be pursued for a few week's /month's.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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