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I can't yet say it is cured as that will take time to see, but I will say it is gone.
Having read the following thread (all 27 pages)
and did as many recommended as far as dosing with Excel and it worked. At least so far.
I had little luck with HP even when direct dosing and wanted to try Excel before trying the combination of the two in the "one-two punch method"
I was hoping to preserve my vals (I didn't) and my fish (lost one Tetra) so I went with only a double "new tank" dose (as opposed to triple) followed the next day by a double "maintenance" dose and then the next day with a 70% WC. That was followed with normal dosing as per instructions. I also added a temporary power head to ensure the Excel found its way all throughout.
Over a week the BBA turned purple and then white and within another week it is totally gone. I pruned some of it out of the tank as those leaves were damaged anyway but left lots for the Excel to take care of. I did turn up my CO2 for a few days but with the Excel & the CO2 the fish were getting stressed so I went back to normal CO2 levels within 3 days. I plan to continue normal dosing with Excel and hopefully BBA won't come back.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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