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possible columnaris in Geo tapajos

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Hey so I have a Geo tapajos that has open sores on its head with white fuzz coming out. The root cause I'm sure is that I was a lazy/foolish aquarist and was overfeeding without increasing the frequency of my wc's and of course that's when fish get sick. I quarantined him in a ten gallon I had lying around. I have been doing a 35-50% wc's every 2 or 3 days on the tank he came from since I discovered it and no others are showing symptoms although some have been flashing against the substrate. I'd rather not treat the whole tank (90 gal.)but I'm keeping an eye out just in case.
On to the obviously sick fish it has open sores with white fuzz on them otherwise seem still healthy, I think it's columnaris. I have treated the infected fish twice through with furan 2, seemed to reduce the fuzz to nothing the first round but it came back. The second treatment wasn't as effective. Is there any other treatment I should consider or does anyone think I might have miss diagnosed? Thanks
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Ugh! Poor fish. Columnaris is nasty.

I'd personally try Triple Sulfa.
Use salt and keep ramping it up as high as you can dose it without killing the fish. Also keep the temperature at 70F, if it is columnaris it can kill fish within a day at high temperatures. It may also be a fungal issue or other disease, as far as I know columnaris usually appears on wild caught fish that aren't properly acclimated and kills extremely quickly.
Update on my sick Geo. Good news and bad news. The good news is he is still alive and otherwise looks great, without any other fish nipping at him or anything his fins look better than ever. The bad news is I tried treating him with triple sulfa, don't know if it worked. Finished the treatment yesterday and I can't see any white fluffs in his sores but more white little pustules have formed, like zits on his face. Aside from that I've been keeping the temp lowish around 26 c most of the time, and doing at least 25% wc's ddaily
Since I just finished its hard to say what effect this last treatment had but I will update again in a couple days.
If it is Columnaris your best bet will be Kanaplex (Kanamycin) in combination with nitrofuran or bifuran. After having Columnaris I can tell you this is one of the very few ways to treat this properly.
So update. the triple sulfa did not work for me. After a week or so I tried a new medication, erythromycin and I think we have a winner. its been a few days since, no new zits, no new fluffs and the sores seem to be healing. So far so good. I will update when he is done quarantine.
Also I have been keeping up with daily water changes and have added salt to help with the healing.
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