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I recently had a die off of one of my Super Tiger shrimp and now I'm afraid that I have a bacterial infection in the tank.
Two of the berried females are becoming cloudy and are not acting right (awkward movement and lethargy)

It's a heavily planted 5 gallon that they were all very happy in up until now. I've checked the parameters multiple times over the past two weeks and everything is stable as far as Ammonia, Nitrates/Nitrites, PH, GH/KH, TDS.

In the first picture the shrimp at the forefront is one of a normal looking shrimp who seems unaffected, in the background on the right is the female that I suspect as being sick. The second picture she is there on the right but in better focus.

I dosed the tank twice with H202 during water changes, added Catappa leaves, and have been dosing Melafix daily - though from what I read that's more of a preventative than it is a cure. I've also added an airstone to relieve some stress.

I purchased Maracyn 2 but I am hesitant to start because from what I've seen on here it DOES destroy the beneficial bacteria and I unfortunately don't have a hospital tank set up for this scenario.

Any advice would be much appreciated. I do have some Microbe Lift Starter Bacteria and ADA Green Bacter on hand but I'm unsure if this will be able to maintain while I dose the Maracyn.


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