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portldan oregon fish store?

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Any one in portlan please tell me were you get your plants. No online or the wet spot
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i'm just looking for a good amount of Glosso and some Blyxa Japonica and wet spot doesn't have either
o well if you get it back on the right track i would be willing to buy some from you. and i know how you feel my 30 gallon just got done going through some really bad problems
Hey Portlanders. I'm this close to crossing over from reefing and taking up this branch of the hobby. Is there a community of folks who trade fish/plants around?


ps. How's our water for planted tanks?
I wish there was but doesn't seems to be, I was a reefer for years and loved the pnwmas. Personally I have had a few local people buy from me on SnS but there isn't a group.

As for local stores, there aren't any quality store in Oregon. I have gone to almost everyone in Portland, Salem, and Eugene. Out of all the store I have been to I would say the wet spot and aqua sareen had the best plant collection but they were both lacking anything demanding.


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pdx shops

Wet Spot has a better selection than Wet Pets. also wet pets tanks always seem to have some sort of problem. their plant tanks have blue green algae (cyanobacteria), and i got a ram cichlid there that had intestinal hexamita. I treated with API general cure and it cleared up though, fish is going strong.

anyways if there was an active planted tank club in portland I would join!:proud:
We used to have a group that got together for plant swaps every few months, but it has been over a year since we last had one.
Can't help you out much in the way of plants in Oregon but for fish, The Animal House in Corvallis is the best I've found. They usually have a nice selection of some of the more interesting stuff, and the owner is always happy to order for you. I had a running order with him for about 6 months for a fish, took him a long time to track down, but he finally did it for me. They're fish are always healthy and if they have any second guesses, they won't sell them to you until they are. Can't say enough good things about them.
Wow never thought Animal House would make the list, but I guess they do have some strange things now and again. The prices there are double to triple anywhere else in oregon. I live in corvallis and drive to other towns because I want to avoid that place.
If you tell the wet spot what plants you want and how many, they will order them for you. They can bring in anything you want and have access to whatever is available from Florida.
Animal house is expensive, yes, but the people who run it have always been good to me.

And when I lived in corvallis, I couldn't justify driving 30 miles for 3 or 4 rasboras, when I could get them locally.
Portland fish keepers

does the wet spot have dwarf hairgrass in often? I'm from dallas oregon and i cant find anywhere in salem that sells is
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