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Poret Configuration

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I have toyed with this one for years... Was chatting with Nico the the other day before out local DFWAPC meeting about poret. One of the goldfish tanks is a 55 with eheims. The goal is to add a 3" black Poret to the end and eheim intake behind it. Nico uses Poret on many of his tanks. The 55 is Bare bottom tank with driftwood anubius plants attached. My issue is that the poret is 19.5" tall and the interior of my tank is 21, so what could I do to bridge the difference in the height. This form of filtration is amazing. When you visit with people that use it long term they cannot say enough good things about it. He said that for about one month you may not see much of a difference, but them (that must be as colonization develops??) your tank just takes off.

I really don't want to take the tank down or anything, just wedge something possible under the poret 3" area?? This is the tank that divides two rooms with a 38T planted built in setup under it. Wall of fish.
TY Karen
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Foam is the way to go really, I use foam prefilters etc, and these folks sell the nice ppi sizes in various sized for aquarist.

Tom Barr
Two options.
One, don't worry about the three inches. Even under water, air lifts still work.
Two, order a larger piece of foam. email Brian at Swiss Tropicals and ask the price of a larger sheet. I believe he'll suggest you go with option one.
And then- take pictures to share with us after you've got it all set up! :smile:
You're using the mattenfilter configuration with a canister? Well that's an awesome idea for a goldfish tank!!!! If it doesn't reach the top, don't fill the tank all the way or maybe just buy another sheet and cut a portion to fill in the gap. I honestly wish I had an extra sheet laying around myself. It has a million uses for people with multiple tanks (diy sponge filters, prefilters, etc, etc)
Thank You Thank You & Good suggestion...I'll give him a call after Thanksgiving and order the proper height. Yes the mattenfilter system!! We may not have the air tube inserted as some do. The eheim should have ample draw for the filter. Nico did caution that these need oxygen, but he also said that this should work fine. One way or another I'll have air. I'll chat with Matt about it when we order and just see. What I like is the heater will be tucked back there also. I will post up the final set up.
GF kick off so much ammonia the filtration needed to deal with that is excessive. We do 80% water change a week. This tank has 1 Ehiein, 2 HOB AquaClear & a sponge filter. Goal===1 Eheim and Poret filter. Will keep one aquaclear till the poret gets up and going. If I still need more I'll add another eheim canister back there.
This is the "whale" tank as we call it. Big beautiful GF, but they don't like a lot of current..another reason for the poret system.
Thanks everyone...and as always ...your comments really help :)
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