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"Poppen Snails" a really bad remix

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Sung to Macklemore's "Thrift Shop"

I've gotta pop some snails
See about 20 more on the glass there
I-I-I'm hunting (online) looking at a puffer
This is F***ing CRAZY
Saw a baby snail and like what up
I got a free pet
I was so pumped up,
didn't know how soon I'd regret.
Now the shells on the ground are so dam many
Reading comments like "have you tried to add a penny?"

I hope you enjoyed my little tune I was singing this morning while tidying up the tank. I better quit there before this gets really bad.
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I actually love snails in my tank as well. That's why every morning I "pop" at least a dozen newly hatched ones that are on the front glass and leave the bigger ones alone. If I left them all my 10 gallon wouldn't be a suitable environment for any of them.
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