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pop eye on german blue ram

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hey my german blue ram has pop eye i took him out of my main tank and put him in his own twenty five gal tank with some ebsome salt anything else i can do?
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I had the same experience with an angel...he lived another year and half after the lost of his eye..although due to the lost eye..he did kind of swam funny....
I had a neon tetra with the same thing, it looked gross and i hated him for it.
I ended up euthanizing the fish. He swam funny at night... kept to him self.. ( didnt see the school of fish so he would go in a panic when he realized they weren't there )

I hated to do that, but - if he was in the wild he would be a gonner.

I have read that Maracyn 2 is a good treatment if it is bacterial. Make sure that the tank he is in is very clean. Is it cycled?
I had some serpae tetra with popeye and mouth fungus. I lost ALL of them that showed even the slightest symptoms.
I also treated with both maracyn one and two. Didn't help.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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