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Pond fish ID

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Hi guys! I just got custody of my moms 300gal koi pond and I'm trying to get an ID on some of the smaller fish we have in there.

Here's the pond

Here's what I could guess is a female or young male. They are so hard to get pictures of and it took me about half an hour to catch 5 of them

Here's the male that I could get ahold of. The males bodies are much lighter than the females and have the red tails and yellow dorsal. They all have light yellow undersides and a darker/brown top side. The biggest I could see in there was about 4 inches long. They breed like crazy! There's probably ~200 of them in there along with our Koi. My mom has someone come and catch as many as possible once or twice a year and he sells them for like $2 each. Anyone know what they are??

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That would make sense, thank you!

I didn't think they had such prominent sexual dimorphism so I didn't think of that!
They're Xiphophorus variatus, Sunset strain, one of my favorite livebearers. They make a great pond fish, as they can tolerate low temps.
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