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(polygonum) PLANT ID

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I've been told that this is Polygonum hydropiperoides, but i wanted some other opinions since i don't think it looks like it. In reality, the plant in the picture below is more golden-yellow/orange with less green. It's a beautiful plant, and it looks very healthy (it's not gold/yellow because it's dying, LOL).

The second photo is one that i found on google of P. hydropiperoides. I also have 2 stems of real hydropiperoides in my tank, under the same lighting, and it hasn't shown any colors besides green. It looks exactly like the plant in the second photo.

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That's Poly. Kawagoeanum
Hi AzFishKid,

It looks like a Polygonum species that I purchased as Polygonum sp 'Kawagoeanum'.

APC Photo
Polygonum sp. 'Kawagoeanum'

In my 30 gallon
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+2, it's a submersed Polygonum sp. 'Kawagoeanum'... The second photo looks exactly the same as the Polygonum Hydropiperoides I had...
Thanks for the ID. I didn't think it was kawagoeanum (even though that's what i was told the first time :hihi:), but after looking at my other kawagoeanum stems, i do see the similarities. I'm just confused as to why the other ones have the pink top like in Seattle_Aquarist's photo, but these are more of a golden color. They're in the same tank under the same lighting conditions.
Its a lighting thing for sure. Up the lighting and it will get an intense pink.
Its a lighting thing for sure. Up the lighting and it will get an intense pink.
That's the thing though. These are actually under slightly intenser lighting, while the other kawagoeanum stems that i have in slightly less-intense lighting are a bright pink.

The pink ones were grown emersed though, if that makes a difference. I've had both stems in the tank for 2-3 weeks now.
How much does the plant have grown in your tank? Maybe it's still in dormant state or still acclimating to your tank... And what's your source's tank setup? Prolly he/she had grown this plant under less intense light and/or with low/lean fertilization... I'd give it 2 more weeks (a month total) and see how it's gonna develop/change under your tank setup with high light and fert dosing method... Just my 2 cents...
P. hydropiperoides CAN grow orange/red. I have some from CT that grows that way. It's a very widespread species, so it's not surprising that there's some variation. That said, it's a bit hard to say what you have based on the photo, but it certainly could be P. hydropiperoides. Perhaps when it grows in a bit. Where did you get it?

BTW, most or all of the Polygonum species we keep are actually Persicaria species. Basically, a whole bunch of stuff that didn't really belong together got lumped in there. Another thread, perhaps.
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