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polished c02 bottle

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so on a whim tonight i decided to take my 5lb aluminum bottle. sand it and polish it :)

pretty much happened because my tank ran out early. either i injected 5 lbs worth in my 29 gallon over three weeks or i have a leak. i did check for leaks and found none.. this is the second time this has happened. neither time have i found a leak. same setup has gone 3 months before plenty of times.. ehh oh well

here ya go!!!


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How did you do it?
From what I’ve read most of the value was in the antique patina.
Oh, wow, I need some shades to look at that thing! :cool:

How did you do it? That is just amazing!
Thats crazy! Lol
Too bad that it has to get plastered with some stupid CO2 sticker now....
I think you have an opportunity for a nice little side job service.

What progression of grit did you use? What did you use on your final buff?

I agree with Overstock, shame to have to put a sticker on that bottle.
Three weeks ago I knew nothing about Co2 and it's importance in photosynthesis. Now I could write a book on the stuff esp. when it gets to diffusers vs. reactors. That tank deserves every bit of that attention but the stuff inside is the magic.

What regulator do you have?
Dogfish, it is a side job :) so it does help that i have all the tools available to me

start with 180 grit move up to 320 grit move up to 500 grit.. any sander is preffered over hand. if u have to do it by hand. do it with wet sand paper and use a spray bottle to keep the medium wet. reduces a lot of fatigue..
with any kind of rotary or jig sander electric or air on a round surface its best to go back and forth perpendicular to the curve, in this instance its lengthwise of the bottle. this way you can keep the radian of the bottle without having distortions.

after 500 grit u need a 2-3 stitch or 3 ply buffing wheel. 6 inches or more is preffered. width is irrellevant until you talk heat. brown rouge followed by white rouge. then super white on a 1 stitch buffing wheel.
3,000 rpms is an excellent beginner speed and decent pressure is needed as well.

then a good soap bath and ur done
Too bad that it has to get plastered with some stupid CO2 sticker now....
yeah i saved it incase they give me some jibe about removing it. i figured it was a justified cause :)
Now you just need to get that brass all shined up as well don't stop now your 90% done. LOL
Lol brass doesnt stay shiny for long and its a pita to use small sanding bits on..very pitted material
Just got refilled. They didnt sticker it!
aluminum. steel is a real PITA to try and polish and ends up still looking dull. but it can be done. stainless steel is a total different story depending on its grade
Thanks, that's one awesome pimped-out cylinder you got there. Stick a nice shiny two stage reg on it and it'll be a shame to hide in a cabinet.
connected and injecting c02 again
the reg is kinda shiny.. half brass and half chrome


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