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Poison in some Omega-One fish foods?

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Hi guys.
I was thinking about getting some Omega-One flake fish food super color or freshwater flakes. However, I went on Amazon and someone said the preservative called Ethoxyquin, is "poison". So I did some research and they say it is toxic but since it is found in very small amounts in pet foods it is fine.
However, some people say it is not OK because pets including fish eat this food on almost a regular basis, so it could damage or kill the animal.
Is this true?
Is this Omega-One stuff Ok? I know Omega-One is a good and pretty reputable fish food Brand.
Am I just making a big deal out of nothing?
I just do not want to kill my fish.
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Most things we use as preservatives are poisons- the whole point is that they kill/prevent the bacteria that cause decomposition.

It's just a matter of how much, how it's metabolized, and if it will build up rather than pass through a fish (or human) system.

Some people do make the choice to go all organic and eliminate all but organic preservatives all together. I personally think there is a lot to that... I eat mostly organic food, myself, and I'll buy organic options for my fish/pets when there's an economical/practical choice available.
Just about everything is toxic.

The devil is in the dosage.
everything in large amounts is toxic, heck you can die from drinking to much water. sadly you won't really ever know if the death of a fish was caused by the food or something else. heck unless a disease presents itself we never really know why our fish die. i wouldn't worry yourself about it.
Just imagine that small little dose of toxic like chlorine in tap. The only way that you can really poison your fish through food is if you pour a bunch into your water and a bunch don't get eaten. :biggrin:
As someone's already pointed out, it's not going to work as a preservative unless it incorporates some level of toxicity. All about dosage.
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