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All 5 of my tanks are over growing. I am selling to make room for new species. Shipping is $7 from Eastern NC through priority USPS. Free shipping for orders $35 and up. I always include freebies and extras to every order. PM me with your email or phone number for pictures. If anything happens in the mail when can discuss that then. Bulk orders are welcomed at discounted prices. All stems 6in+

Pogostemon quadrifolia $1 or 6/$5
Water wisteria (hygrophila difformis) $1
Dwarf Sag 1.50 or 10/$10
Rotala Rotundifolia .50 or 15/$5
Assorted Crypt (tropica, bronze, green, red) $4 a plant
Vesuvius Sword $2 or 4/$5
Willow moss $4 a golf ball or $10 for baseball
Cabomba green $1 or 6/$5
Lobelia cardinalis $1

Willing to trade for foreground plants, AR mini, ludwigia cuba, erio, buce, etc. I like everything. Feel free to shoot me offers or questions.

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