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PMFED -- Poor man's Flourish Excel drops ??

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Does anybody know the composition of Flourish Excel ?? The website gives no details. Does anyone have an idea what the main source for C might be? Does it contain phytohormones? What does it definitely NOT contain ? Anyone done testing (conductivity, pH, residues after burning, burning point, [maybe even gaschromatography??]....)

Anyone with a "recipe" for something like Poor man's Flourish Excel Drops PMFED (similar to PMDD= dupla dosing drops ??? )


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Also try smelling some Flourish Excel.

What does it smell like?


If you are feeling very adventurous you could try tasting it.

Make certain there are no warnings on the bottle first!


This has to be one of the most trollfull troll in the history of trolls!

Not only are these claims completely ridiculous, they have become dangerous.

Excel is a form of gluteraldehyde -a cold sterilant and an embalming fluid. You will do yourself nothing but harm by tasting this dangerous chemical.

My suggestion to ffoeg is to abandon this thread. Your claims are outright false and have crossed the line into dangerousness. You have been flagged as a troll. Any more outlandishness will result in your account being banned.
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